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The process


Form Submission

Candidates submit forms through online/offline methods, providing essential information for review and consideration by our admissions team.


Form Review

Our admissions team evaluates submitted forms to assess candidates’ qualifications and suitability for further consideration.



Selected candidates undergo interviews to assess their skills, qualifications, and fit for our academic programs and community.


Selection Process

After thorough evaluation, successful candidates are chosen based on their performance and alignment with our institution’s values and goals.

Course Syllabus Downloads

Download courses syllabus for detailed overviews of curriculum, topics covered, and learning objectives. Stay informed about course requirements and expectations to plan your academic journey effectively and make informed decisions.

Nursing Operator Syllabus
CNC / VMC Operator Syllabus
Two wheeler/ev technician syllabus
electrical / solar technician syllabus
fashion designing syllabus
welding syllabus