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Unveiling the Journey of ACG Cares Foundation AND MITCON

About ACG Cares Foundation

CSR Arm of ACG

ACG Cares Foundation is the CSR arm of ACG, a global leader in pharmaceutical solutions.  The foundation aims to positively impact lives of individuals, institutions and communities within we operate and are a part of

Empowering Communities Together

Through our many varied initiatives we engage with students, women, farmers, local athletes and government bodies by supporting them and assisting them to overcome challenges and enhance their livelihood.

Foundation’s Impactful Focus

Our Foundation’s goals are focused on four critical areas of Education, Environment, Health and Sports; and our CSR efforts are aligned to each of them.

ACG Cares: Transforming Initiatives

Since its date of incorporation on 29th October 2015, as the CSR arm for the group, ACG Cares Foundation has actively contributed to government initiatives such as the ‘Swachh Bharat Abhiyan’, ‘Kushal Bharat Abhiyan’ and ‘Jalyukt Shivar Yojna’.

Strategic Community Alignment

Our initiatives are systematically designed after considering the needs of the local community and are aligned with the broad national & global development goals set out by the Government of India and the United Nations

Dual Growth Commitment

Along with growing as an organization, we are progressing equally in the social hemisphere and aspire to do more than our share for the economic upliftment and betterment of the society.


Incorporated in 1982

with initial shareholders as Development Finance Institutions along with state industrial development department organs.

Technical Consultancy

Technical Consultancy Organization (TCO)- Amongst 18 state-wise TCOs incorporated between 1979 – 1982.

Listed on NSE since 2013

with over 3100 shareholders. A professionally managed, Board governed company with no promoter category shareholders.

Well entrenched organization

about 500 Experienced in-house manpower & more than 100 associate sector experts

Pan India Presence

Headquater – Pune
Regional offices – Mumbai, New Delhi, Ahmedabad, Chennai, Bangalore, Nagpur, Indore
Training/skilling – 30 cities in India.

DST approved incubation center

DST approved incubation center for industrial biotechnology

ISO 9001:2015 certified

Amongst to 50 companies to register with Science Based Target Initiative (SBTi) for emission commitment.

Voluntary BRSR Adoption

Voluntarily adopted Business Responsibility & Sustainability Report (BRSR) which is otherwise mandatory for top 1000 listed entities.


To create a nurturing learning environment where every individual can thrive and succeed.


We are dedicated to fostering a caring, collaborative, and progressive community, providing expert guidance, hands-on training, and continuous support to empower individuals in achieving their educational and professional goals.

core values

Caring: Demonstrating empathy, compassion, and support for the well-being and success of every individual within our community.

Collaborative: Embracing teamwork, cooperation, and mutual respect to achieve shared goals and foster a culture of inclusivity.

Progressive: Pursuing innovation, adaptability, and continuous improvement to stay at the forefront of education and meet the evolving needs of our learners and society.


Grievance Redressal Committee

Shirwal – Grievance Redressal Committee
Talegaon – Grievance Redressal Committee

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